Thursday, 13 October 2011

Exercise: Drawing using oil pastel

I have used oil pastel previously in drawing but never have known really what I am doing with it - just applying it over and over again so was interested in tackling this exercise - despite it being wretched fruit or vegetables again!!

I noticed the instruction to leave some of the paper to 'come through' rather than simply covering the whole amount and paid attention to that. Indeed it has brought things more alive.

i like oil pastels - I like the immediacy of them and I like the vibrancy of colour. I would also like to be much better at using them - and I have no idea how to seal them and can't seem to find answers on the net about that.

In my drawing I think the pastels have represented the red onion well which was something of a surprise and the courgette isn't bad but the tomatoes are lacking. Some of the failure there is lack of confidence, difficulty capturing the colour tones well and not a great representation of from.

The overall drawing lacks much depth - I was drawing outside (it was a lovely day) and the sun kept moving so I had trouble with the shadows. And in truth I am now a bit bored with the whole fruit and veg thing and of course behind in getting my assignment in so a little less focused on the task in hand. I shall return to pastel in the future but definitely want to learn more about applicatin. Perhaps there is a book that could help .... and will be a question for my tutor!

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