Monday, 17 October 2011

Check and log

Drawing animals are not easy! An understatement...why are they difficult? The accurate representation of the anatomy and the fur or skin is really important to convey a picture that is recognisable as that which it should be - there is no 'hiding place' if things are inaccurate as we all recognise animals and have a sense of how they 'should' be!

I surprised myself at how much I enjoyed I used drawing with simple hb and 3b pencils - I really valued the control and different marks that can be achieved using them - I think I almost forgot about them, having enjoyed the fibre tip pens so much!!

I am incredibly lucky to be going on an african safari adventure in a fortnight and it is my intention to take my sketch book and attempt to capture some creatures - on the move! Whether this will be possible, doable or indeed successful is another story and one that I shall report back on!

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