Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Exercise: Using markers or dip pens

Delighted in buying new markers but groaned slightly at yet more fruit!!!!

Thoroughly enjoyed drawing the exercise however - I absolutely love the immediacy and the necessarily fearless approach to drawing with markers and pens. Completely illogical really as I always worry that I can't 'pull it off' but I think it probably appeals to the sense of immediate satisfaction of 'no going back' and having a product - even if it doesn't work!

I like the colour mixing effect on the paper of the markers and using different nib widths to create a heavier effect. I really feel like my drawing is developing and looking back over previous assignment I can see a noticeable difference, practice is definitely the key.

Project: Drawing fruit & veg' in colour

Exercise: Using hatching to create tone

I got a bit carried away with this exercise and ended up trying a variety of fruit with a range of media covering many pages in my sketch book! In fact it is only now having re-read the exercise instructions that I didn't need to do quite so much to fulfil the exercise but clearly I needed to in my head to fulfil my exploration!

I became really interested in the different impression that different media rendered and so repeated the same fruit with a 2b pencil, an ink marker and finally coloured pencils - sometimes using a mixture of 2 or more. I dug out the coloured pencils my mum bought me when I was 11 (they will be antiques now) but found them too hard so went and bought some more and some new felt tips at the same time!

The fact that lines and building up the lines can create a real impression of depth fascinates me and I'm a little embarrassed that I've never really discovered this before. It has challenged me to think more carefully about my painting course and need to consider how to apply this learning into those exercises.

I completed my final composition in coloured pencil and am satisfied that I have created the illusion of a 3 dimensional body. I do however need to continue to learn and be aware of the sensitivity of the line as I can frequently be too heavy handed - which is as much about impatience as it is skill. I am genuinely learning to trust my process of drawing and to trust that "it will come' at the stage in hatching when it just looks like an indiscriminate mess!