Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Project : Detailed observation

Line drawing detail

I'm back and thrilled to have picked up a pen again! I have spent the last 3 hours simply undertaking line drawing detail of peppers and fir cones and thrilled in it! I was initially apprehensive about drawing with a felt pen and also working with the challenge of trying not to remove my pen from the paper but quickly relaxed into it - and became absorbed into trying to replicate what I was seeing. Couple of pictures illustrated here.

I am particularly struck that I realise that I rarely draw from life - relying generally on photographs, and enjoyed this immensely. I also find it much easier drawing line rather than tone so this has been a lovely re-introduction into my learning. Focusing on the actual detail rather than that which one might think should be there is also absorbing and an aspect that I shall practice further. I find I also enjoy drawing with felt pen - I like the way different pressure changes line emphasis - again another avenue I shall pursue further.

Great stuff!


Despite my awareness that time was more pressured with additional work and life demands I have failed to maintain my learning commitments. The result being that I have not submitted any course work in either my drawing or painting courses. Following helpful dialogue with the OCA however I am back on track and more resolved than ever to complete my work as I am learning so much.

I have not stopped either drawing or painting (or indeed learning) however and continued to do both - examples of which I am posting. Sadly I haven't done as much drawing as I would like but all that I have done has been very significantly informed by my learning so far - suddenly hatching and shading is no longer a terror for me! I've also really valued the introduction of squaring up to help my positioning on the paper - which in turn has helped my painting to be more accurate.

I have also had the marvellous opportunity of visiting New York and viewing paintings within the Guggenheim and Museum of Modern Art. Thrilling and awesome.

I have also just returned from Brittany where I collected some really interesting fir cones and shells in preparation for my next stages...