Monday, 17 October 2011

Assignment Two

A fish on a dish ...

Having enjoyed the fish on a plate project I determined to repeat the challenge for my assignment - really focusing on different mark making and detail, whilst representing the form of the subject and creating an interesting drawing with the simple line representation of the plate.

The piece took me about 5 hours to complete and has been thoroughly absorbing - using a variety of pencil markings including outline form, hatching, squiggles, circles, shading and smudging I have created a reasonable sense of contrast and representation of the wonderfully varied shapes of the fish skin. Having learnt from my original sketch in my note book I resolved to repeat the use of ink tense pencil for some colour to add some interest to the picture but much less so as not to distract from the pencil drawing itself. I also considered drawing directly on newspaper to have the fish 'laid' on it but dismissed this idea in case the type of the newspaper detracted from the drawing. I'm pleased I made this decision.

I built up detail using multiple layers of drawing, smudging and then drawing further - and again became utterly absorbed in the detail. The pen outline of the plate is deliberately placed to add further interest and 'set' the fish in some context yet one which could be interpreted in anyway that the viewer chooses ... again I considered alternative approaches and thought about using a shrimp as an outline repeated in the background but again dismissed this as I did not want to over complicate the view.

I am happy with the final piece although I do wonder if it is good enough for the assignment and will keep my fingers crossed!

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