Monday, 17 October 2011

Project: Drawing animals

I have broadly failed at this project principally through a lack of animals! Sadly my dog, Zouga died recently and hence have not been able to draw her and the only other people I know with a furry pet are away on holiday.

So, I cheated and sketched some donkeys that I took photos of on a recent break to the new forest. This is not work I am proud of but very much respect the challenge of drawing animals. I have drawn my Zouga in the past, including 'catching the moment' but despite hunting cannot find my pictures.

Having explored George Stubbs' work I also very much recognise the value of being aware of the anatomical structures of the 'creatures' being drawn - the same being applied of course to humans - the skin being the drapes to the muscle and bone structures. This is an aspect that I did (albeit hopelessly) consider with the donkey drawings - considering where the hip bone and how everything connects. Being a psychiatric nurse by trade I have a rudimentary knowledge of skeletal form and the necessary connections but I cannot pretend that this has made my 'furry' drawings more successful.

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