Thursday, 13 October 2011

Plants and flowers in coloured pencils

OK, confession time - I HATE drawing plants and flowers ....I really struggle to get 'in tune' with them - namby pamby things. However .... deep breath, went outside to draw some in situ to make it all a bit more interesting, then it started to rain so returned dispirited inside. I do really like sunflowers and sweetpeas but sunflowers have long gone and I have only a few sweet peas in the garden left and am desperate to hang on to them for my final piece (which is brewing in my head ... a combination of line drawing using fibre tip pen and perhaps acrylic ink for the flower heads perhaps; an inside piece that would also help develop my next painting assignment ... not finalised yet as am looking forward to the fish drawing ... however, I digress). So, set about my detailed drawing in coloured pencil, lasted 2 hours and then declared NO, enough. So I have not completed this exercise and am not going to. I don't enjoy or like the effect particularly of coloured pencils - they simply are not 'man' enough for me. They don't offer the depth of colour that I enjoy or the vibrancy that I feel a subject deserves. Of course it may just be that I am feeling particularly bolshy at the moment!!

I have decided that this is important learning ... in developing my drawing skills I do have to want and need to draw the subject with the media I wish so decided to 'abandon all hope' and moved on to something else .... I sat and spent many happy hours drawing the plant in detail with fibre pen and then painted over it which wrecked it completely but it was interesting and prepared me for the next exercise.

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